About KOS

In an increasingly challenging environment, marketing and sensory analysis is a proven approach which has yielded exceptional results. Our research creates the ability to drive decisions and evaluate its long term impact, which can lead to better performance.

At the heart of marketing and sensory research, KOS Research is a leader in its field. We focus on the growth and dynamic properties of our clients, using an approach based on our fundamental principles. Because of this, we are today the frontrunner in this sector.

Our fundamental principles

To involve global consumers in the product development and evaluation processes, by providing consistent and impartial feedback.

To customize proven, creative and powerful methodologies, and to be able to respond at the right pricing to any study request.

To design study tools that reconcile both the marketing and the R&D departments requests.

We consider ourselves as marketing and sensory research explorers; our mission is to “make complexities, understandable”.