International Presence:

KOS Research Asia brings KOS’s expertise and professionalism into the Asian market, supported by a skilled senior team with solid experience in sensorial and market research. Our team is involved at all stages of the process to decode cultural trends to anticipate the impact on results and research.

South East Asia is known for its highly strategic approach to food-processing and the cosmetic industries, with great development opportunities. However, traditional research methodologies do not have the capacity in this complex area to manage the delivery of accurate results which is crucial for effectively developing these markets. KOS Research expertise allows us to innovate and to adapt protocols to ensure an in-depth and accurate analysis.

We develop tailor-made tools, adapted to local cultures, in order to bring insightful and concrete results and to identify opportunities for the Asian market.

Contact for Asia:

Juliette Williamson – Asia Managing Director
+84 0(0)9 32 79 61 07

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