Organic wine: a new trend

According to a recent Ipsos-Sudvinbio study, the consumption of organic wine in France has increased by 65% since 2007 and now represents 10% of the French total consumption of organic food. A new trend that first of all concerns young adults (even though organic wine is often more expensive than regullar wine) : whereas only 8% of them claim to regularly drink  « normal » wine, 14% say they often drink organic wine.

Explanations for this success can be related to the arguments given by organic produces consumers, whose main purchase motivations are their health benefits (according to 90% of the respondents in a 2012 study) and their quality and taste (87%). This new trend seems to confirm the increase in organic products consumption as well as its extension, while new fields such as the cosmetics market see it is now their turn to offer organic products.

As for organic wines, it has yet to be proven whether their « better taste » is only supposed or if it’s accurate …

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