Recycling: from tomatoes to cars

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, and everything is transformed! A new unusual idea proves it: the use of tomato skin in car industry!

Can you imagine driving a ‘vegetable’ car? It’s the original track explored by the firms Heinz and Ford. Progress doesn’t stop! The idea arose from two complementary needs: for Heinz, to limit waste, and for Ford, to produce a better eco-friendly car.

Indeed, Heinz uses more than two billion tons of tomatoes by year to produce its ketchup. It generates waste in great amounts: tomato skin, seeds and stems are useless. The two firms think of recycling tomato skin to develop lasting materials for car industry. Ford would use this product to make some plastic parts of its cars, such as cable trays.

For more than two years, Ford has been collaborating with Heinz, Nike, Coca-Cola and Procter&Gamble in order to develop green plastic, and produce more ecological vehicles. Crazy idea: the use of tomato skin could do this. Unfortunately, one won’t drive these green cars right now: if the technology developed by the two companies has been checked, research is only beginning. Less waste, less petrol and lasting and ecological cars, such beautiful expectations!


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