KOS Research can be applied, but not limited to, the following industries:

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KOS Research possesses a tool box of over 40 exclusive methodological models and approaches
such as :

Consumer wording:
market positioning of the product over the sensory wording described by "naive" assessors

Sensory positioning and preferences :
foundations of market structure (on a marketing and/or sensory level) and display flow preferences

Lassitude profile :
dynamic evaluation of products under repeat consumption

Authenticity test :
focus group studies to determine a product’s sensory signature

Ideal sensory area :
preferential key drivers and sensory zones

Consumer clustering :
consumer classification based on product preferences and consumption habits

Penalty Check :
identify a product’s weakest points

In addition to our extensive network of market experts, KOS Research consists of a core team of experts in sensory marketing, statistic, data interpretation and product development; they are the main point of contact for the institute.